History and Philosophy

On September 14, 1975 about 75 paraplegic gathered in an assembly at the auditorium of the UP Labor Education Center (ALEC) which has been renamed to School of Labor and Industrial Relations (SOLAIR). To orgaize themselves into an association which is now called the Wheelchair and Disabled Foundation of the Philippines, Inc. (WDAP).

Spearheading the organization and formation of WDAP is Moises S. Diaz, its founder and President. The pre-WDAP organization was characterized to be difficult and hardwork for the organizer who advocate the idea of establishing WDAP and what benefit it can give to the disabled. Mr. Diaz had to do lot of convincing his fellow paraplegics and explain the need, rationale and Objectivess of the proposed organization.

The need to organize was very apparent because at that time there was not a single organization in existence that can provide assistace to the orthopedically disabled, advocate for their needs and rights or to take-up the cudgel for them. A series of individuals in group meetings with Mr. Diaz which took place for about a year, proceded the formal organization of WDAP. Mr. Diaz approached every professional disabled to sell the idea of organizing WDAP. The concept of the association was very well received after which serious planning efforts were made to contact more and more disabled persons. These included the disabled residents in the various Cheshire Homes in Metro Manila.

The philosophy behind the formation of WDAP is the need for every disabled person to be aware of the social problem, individually and collectively, arising from their disability. This then will be followed by recognition and acceptance of the problem. There is also a need for the public to be aware of the problem and to learn to accept the disabled by treating like any normal human being. To know these, requires tremendous work which only an organization like WDAP, can do.

On the day WDAP was organized, 15 member of the board were elected and from this group they elected from among themselves the officers. On the same day, the first meeting of the Board of Director was held after which the general assembly approved the constitution.

1997 - The Board agreed to file an amended articles of incorporation to change the WDAP to WDFP and it was approved and adopted on April 5, 1997.