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The STACenter was an endeavor funded by the Danish National Society of Polio and Traffic Victims (PTU) jointly implemented with the Katipunan ng Maykapansanan sa Pilipinsas, Inc. (KAMPI) under the project Breaking Barriers for Children (BBC). It was launched in 1996 following a meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark between representatives of KAMPI and PTU who agreed to a joint effort to provide free comprehensive, community-based rehabilitation services to poor children with disabilities in the Philippines.

At present, fifteen (15) STAC main centers are located all over the Philippines each started with twelve (12) satellite centers that extend rehabilitation services to cluster communities making the services more accessible to the beneficiaries.

The Danish Foreign Ministry (DANIDA) provided funds for the initiative. The sustainability of Satellites largely depend on the cooperation of the local government units (LGU), parents of disabled children, organizations of disabled persons, schools and other concerned agencies and institutions of government and non-government organizations which make up a support network for the STAC. These local partners ensure the sustainability of the services provided by the STACenters and satellites after their turnover to local partners. STACenters are funded by KAMPI/PTU only for a limited number of years.




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