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SAID is guided by the principle of Total Communication. This is a multi-level approach which recognizes the needs of the deaf children and their right to all forms of Communication available to develop language and academic competence. Total Communication includes all language modalities: child-devised gestures, sign language, speechreading, fingerspelling, and other modes that can aid in the language development of the child.

Mission and Vision

SAID is a school of excellence for the hearing impaired that:

Provides quality Christian education to the hearing impaired through the use of total communication, by providing them with varied learing opportunities and experiences to help them become well-rounded citizens of the country and followers of Christ;

Advocates for equal right and opportunities as well as an awareness and appreciation of the contribution of the hearing impaired to society regardless of color, race, creed, or economic status;

Creates opportunities to network and partner with different organizations, agencies, and institutions of learning to improve and enhance the quality of education for the hearing impaired

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