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Our Activities SY 2005-2006

Fresh from summer vacation, we entered school with renewed vigor. We could not wait to experience what SAID had in store for us for the year.

We did not have too long to wait. The months of June and August brought us Nutrition Day and Filipino Week. Everyone had the chance to exercise his or her creativity.

Students show their culinary skills at the school Nutrition Day Program in July
At the United Nation Day celebration elementary students have fun parading in international costumes.
After a grueling exam week, we once again found ourselves busy with United Nation Day and Halloween celebration. We had fun doing them, too! Who would have thought we'd still had energy left for more activities!
Teacher Paz Javier & some of SAID's students pose with the other delegates of YMCA Deaf Camp in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (July 2005)
While others spent their time Christmas shopping,we spent ours with our family at SAID's Family Day. And there was that time when we shared our blessings with indigent children. Of course, who would forget the time when we were re-acquainted with old friends and met new ones in an overnight camp? We had that water fight that we all so enjoyed! Some of us even went as far as Kuala Lumpur to camp it out with friends from other Asian countries.
Teacher Paz accepts Plaque of Appreciation from YMCA a Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia
Oh yes, we can be sporty at times. Twice wejoined in invitational basketball tournaments and even organized a sportsfest! We did not feel at all pressured when we faced our opponents because the whole community was behind us...cheering us non-stop...
We shared the joys and triumphs of our schoolmates when they won the Quiz Bee contest, passed the modeling auditions, and won in the performing arts competition!
Students pose for the camera during SAID's Foundation Day celebration.
Kids have fun with clay!
We had all these and more. We could not entirely express what it had been like this past year... And so, allow us to share with you snapshots and have a peek at what we call our moments...
HS Students pose in their best suits and gowns (HS Night 2005)
Who am I? This question is explored. Through scrap booking!
23rd Commencement Exercises 2003-2004

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