Wednesday, May 18, 2005

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Member Organizations


  1.      La Trinidad Association of the Deaf.

  2.      Cagayan Valley Association of the Deaf

  3.      Labor Equalization Education Accessibility and 

        Advancement of the Deaf  Inc.

  4.      Larix Club for the Deaf Inc.

  5.      Deaf Association of Bacolod Inc.

  6.      Deaf Association of Iloilo Inc.

  7.      Filipino Deaf  Visual Art Group

  8.      Filipino Sign  Learning Production

  9.      Cebu Association of the Deaf

10.    Hearing and Deaf  Society of Cebu Inc.

11.   Dumaguete Effata Association of the Deaf

12.   Zamboanga City Deaf Federation Inc.

13.   Christ Love all Deaf Inc.

14.   Davao Deaf Foundation

15.   Philippine School for the Deaf Alumni Association

16.   Deaf  Tour Assistance, Philippines

17.   Filipino Deaf Women Health and Crisis Center




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