Vision and Mission

PCFFD aims
  • To bring people with disabilities to Christ.
  • To care for children with disabilities through giving them education and rehabilitation services.
  • To involve parents,church,and the community in promoting the development and well-being of persons with disabilities.
  • To help churches and community start their own groups of PWD's
  • To network with other GO's and N G O'S which facilitate government programs for PWD's.

PCFFD offers

Special Education Program

Providing access to basic education among children with special needs namely the hearing impaired,the learning disabled,the speech defective,the autistic children and the orthopedically handicapped.

Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy program

For adults and children with disabilities who need restoration of physical capacity and early prevention program for autistic and those with behavioral problems.

Sponsorship Program

This is offered for those indigent disabled persons/children who need financial assistance for schooling and livelihood projects and who are already active members of PCFFD.

Livelihood Projects

We promote skills training opportunities for PWDs.

Yearly Program

All PWD's are welcome:

April - to our Summer Retreat Camp.

July - to our activities for NDPR week.

December - to our Christmas Program.

Our Vision

To see Filipino children
led to Christ
and discipled by adults
who have been inspired and
equipped by Filipinos.