Programs and Services


(For SPED and Non-SPED Sponsored Students)

a. An indigent disabled person who is a member of the PCFFD can avail of this program.

b. The money received from the sponsorship will be used for the needs of the person with disability only according to the written directions,which the family signs.

c. The Social Worker should make the Personal Interview and Cass Study Report available to determine whether the client needs sponsorship or other services.

d. The recipient is encouraged to write to their sponsor every two months. A photo is sent at least once a year. All mail to sponsors must come through the PCFFD.

f. The recipient is required to attent PCFFD meeting,outing,seminars,and camps as directed by PCFFD which will be of benefit to their personal growth and fellowship with other persons with disabilities.

g. If the recipient is inactive to attent meetings and other PCFFD activities they will be considered terminated.

h. If a recipient is transferred to another region he/she will be terminated and his/her sponsorship will be given to the other recipient who needs it.

i. If family income improves, and the disabled person/parent is really well able to support for his living, the sponsorship will be terminated and transferred to a more needy one.

j. If funds are misappropriated then the sponsorship will be terminated in accordance with the written agreement. (for non-SPED Sponsored only)

k. All case studies by the Social Worker are considered highly confidential.

NOTE:SPED Sponsorship program applies only to those who enrolled here and given only to a needy disabled child. Those who wants to avail this Sponsorship Program can apply after six months of addmission on SPED. This will help us evaluate and determine parents' interest before the child be recommended fo interview and Care Study of our Social Worker. It might take another six months or more for papers processing and looking for Sponsor. SPED Sponsorship covers only their in some SPED requirements.