1. To promote the development and overall well-being od people with disabilities spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionaly in our community.
  2. To establish and run livelihood projects for members to improve their economical status and to be self-reliant.
  3. To expand Special Education services to more children with special needs in all levels and involve parents and community in the education of the children with disabilities.
  4. To be able to provide special devices for the members in the form of wheelchairs, crutches and other special devices to regain mobility.
  5. To act as a referral center to other agencies for other services not offered by the center.
  6. To provide other services like speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy etc.
  7. To promote to churches the idea of starting their own ministries to persons with disabilities.


  • A department ministry of Children's Bible Ministries,Philippines (CBM);.
  • Interdenominational-serving the whole body of Christ;
  • Open for people who have any disability impairments;
  • Registered with SEC as a non-stock,non-profit,charitable organization & licensed with DSWD to operate Community Based Programs and Services for persons with Disabilities;
  • An overseas branch of CMWDT (Christian Ministries With Disabled Trust);
  • Presently operating its services and programs at Hebron Center For Disabled.