The AGA Proper Assembly watch

The following day, April 7, 2006, was the AGA proper held at the Kuhala Bay Resort in Cardona, Rizal. The assembly’s theme was “United We Stand, Divided We Fall, NFCPWD Kaya Natin Ito,”- (We can make it.) The assembly was well attended, as only one member-cooperative was absent.

Mr. Frederick Castro, the Chairperson, called the assembly to order after which Mr. Melchor Bantiloc of FARADMPC led the opening prayer. The proof of notice of the assembly was reviewed. After confirming that all requirements were met, the quorum was declared. The Chairperson then requested the Secretary to read the minutes for the assembly to comment on and approve. Only minor corrections were brought up and the body approved the minutes as corrected.

The amendment of the By-Laws and Articles of Cooperation was next in line. This ensures that the laws and policies remain relevant based on the Federation’s continuing development. The body conducted an in-depth discussion on each of the amendment points after which the assembly resolved these in unity. Such amendments are now integrated in the Federation’s By-Laws and Articles of Cooperation. Mr. Jun Herrero greatly helped in facilitating this part of the assembly.

The Chairperson presented the one-year accomplishment report of the Board of Directors (BOD) covering his term. His report included the BOD resolutions made during the year. The assembly adopted the BOD resolutions after a thorough discussion. Likewise, Mr. Johnny Lantion, the General Manager, was requested to report on the management’s accomplishment for the year. Ms. Mayta Banday and Ms. Evelyn Sumacbay assisted him in presenting the report.

One of the breakthroughs in this assembly is the coming up of Resolution No. 001-2006: Assigning the NFCPWD to be the sole representative in entering contracts with the DepEd for the implementation of the 10% DepEd Special Provision for the supply of school furniture by cooperatives of Person With Disability in connection with General Appropriations Act CY 2005, 2006 & 2007.

Mr. Peter Hammerle and Mr. Johnny Lantion presented the proposed budget for 2007. After some discussion, this was approved by the assembly. The next part was the election of the board members. Mr. Ruchel Biado, in his capacity as Chair of the Election Committee, cited that only delegates with complete reports were allowed to run for the BOD position but that those with incomplete reports may run at the committee level. The elected BOD members were Mr. Fortunato Tirona (GPMPC), Mr. Romualdo Barrientos (SIKAPMPC) and Mr. Julius Retorta (SIKAPMPC) with Mr. Mario Abaygar as the Chairperson. Members of the Audit & Inventory Committee, Credit Committee and the Election Committee were elected as well.

The delegates were very happy and excited at the end of the day as they prepared to go back to their MCs. With the AGA results, they felt more confident in facing life’s new challenges as member cooperatives and as a Federation.