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Hydroponics grown lettuce is an alternative income-generating project of NFCPWD. it is grown by Women with disability

This business will be manage by NFCPWD, intends to produce fresh, hygienic, and pesticide free whole lettuce and other salad greens using the low-cost soil-less farming technology called simplified Non-circulating Hydroponics (SiNCH), to be grown by personwith disability (PWD). The salads grown using hydroponics are harvested with roots intact.

Because of the technology used, our lettuce has the following advantages:

  • Fresher - harvested and delivered with roots intact.
  • Cleaner - salads are not expose to soil and does not need Washing before packing.
  • Pesticide free - Production does not use pesticides. Soil based pest and diseases do not affect the salads.
  • Healthy - pre-determined nutrients contents Ensures that the plants get all nutrients elements in optimum amounts.
  • Nutritious - all nutrients are present in the nutrient solution in Optimum amounts.
  • No fertilizers run - off maximizing the use of water (environment friendly)

People with physical disabilities are fully capable of accomplishing all required task necessary this system of gardening, all though sometimes some modification in techniques, handling, tools and equipment may be required. Furthermore, f the above activities grow under the shade thus reducing physical exertion associated with the open cultivation such as rice and small fruits.

It requires repetitive activities that can easily be learned