9th Annual General Assembly


This time, chair producers are General Assembly delegates.

The Federation's 9th AGA was conducted on June 15, 2007 at the Riverbend Hotel and Restaurant in Riverbank, Marikina City. Out of 13 memeber-cooperatives at that time, two were not able to send their delegates. Six satellite groups involved in the production of chair for the 2005 DepEd project also attended the assembly. Our honored guests were Mr.Camilo Casals of the Canadian Cooperative Assoication (CCA) and Dr.Yolanda Quijano, Director III of DepEd.

ed the roles of the Board of Directors (BODs) and the committees to ensure an effective and efficient management of the federation. The assembly proper presided by Chairperson Mario Abaygar started in the morning. The agenda included the 2005 DepEd contact, the budget for 2008, the election of a new set of BOD and other equally important organizational concerns. Among the assembly decisions were the creation of an Oversight Committee which will monitor the CCA project and the approval of the three to five-year contact of Mr.Peter Hammerle as NFCPWD consultant from the CBM. The election of a new set o BOD and the committees followed.