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The Liliane Foundation mediators

1.belong to a religious congregation or Non Governmental Organization, are mostly professionals in social related services and personally take on the responsibility as a mediator

2.are volunteers who work with heart and soul for disabled children in their area;

3.are people who live and work in the area of the child;

4.visit the child's family home;

5.know (or search for) the closest and most reliable referral possibilities for medical and social rehabilitation;

6.are men and women with different backgrounds, nationalities and religions;

7.are not always trained as rehabilitation experts, but they are motivated to gain more knowledge in this field.

The role of the mediator

A disabled child does benefit from all the material help offered, but care and attention play a much larger role in their lives. The Liliane Foundation looks to the aspirations and possibilities of each individual child and goes all out to help "that one special child". From case to case the offer for rehabilitation differs, because for every child the circumstances are always different. In the realization of the Liliane Foundation objective - personalized and small- scaled help for individual children - the mediator plays a crucial role.

Point of support

Mediators take on the task and responsibility for the medical and social rehabilitation of disabled children in their area. They voluntarily form the direct line between the Liliane Foundation and the children. The mediators integrate the special care for disabled children,daily into their field work. For the parents and the child, they fulfil a supporting role on the practical side and also for the morale The parents remain responsible for the child, the mediator is their point of support. The parents work together towards the rehabilitation of their child because of their personal stake. They offer the support, motivation, contribution in kind and, if possible, a financial contribution toward the costs.


The mediators develop together with the child and the parents or guardians, an individual and integral rehabilitation plan for the child. For medical care (operations, visits to specialists, physiotherapy, braces, crutches, hearing aids, aids and appliances to learn to walk, sit or stand) they go to the closest supplier or facility. To bring the disabled child into a position of self sufficiency, to earn their own living, the mediator looks for schools and job training possibilities in the nearby areas. For small-scaled income generating projects, the mediator considers the local economic possibilities.

Communication and reporting

Mediators have direct contact with their personal correspondent at the Liliane Foundation office in the Netherlands. Together, they look to the full development possibilities of, and for, each disabled child. The Liliane Foundation places alot of value on the communication with the mediators and will offer all it's support to them. The mediator reports regularly on the progress of the child and also accounts for the costs and finances. Via a Newsletter, the Liliane Foundation declares the figures of the financial assistance from the donators. The personal data of every child helped, is registered in the administration records, noting the disability and the costs incurred for the assistance. Photos of the children, before and after the rehabilitation, are of great interest for the fund raising activities of the Liliane Foundation. The financial annual report from the Liliane Foundation, is audited yearly, by a recognized chartered accountant.


An important role for the mediator is the follow-up. The mediator closely follows the lives of the child and the parents, in order to further the integration of the child, to maintain the adaptability of the aids and appliances in the child's growing years; and to find the suitable school or job training possibility. The mediator and the people in the area give the child the motivating support that he, or she, so badly needs.

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