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The Liliane Foundation is a specail foundation for disabled children in developing countries. Because of the personalized, small-scale, direct working methods, and the input from the hundreds of volunteers here in the Netherlands and aboard, the children have a chance for rehabilitation.

The Liliane Foundation gives disabled children in Africa, Asia, and South America a chance at rehabilitation. Children living at home, who because of their disability, cannot keep pace with others, Children who seldom go to school, Children who hide themselves from the outside world, as if they don't belong, as if they don't exist. The parents of guardian are willing to helpl, but they stand powerless because the cost of rehabilitation is so high.

The policy of the Liliane Foundation is directed to disabled children who live at home. The Liliane Foundation operates on a personalized, small-scale, direct approach. The Liliane Foundation offers the children a chance at rehabilitation by working together with others who are activetly involved with the families at home. Also the Liliane Foundation makes use of the services, supplies, and facilities available in the area; children are operated on in the nearest hospital, physiotherapy and follow up is received in the nearby areas, aids and appliances come from the home land, for education and job training the children stay as close to home as possible, parents or guardians remain involved through the entire rehabilitation process. For this effective working method, the liliane foundation received and honour from the United Nations in 1990.

In the office of the Liliane Foundation in the Netherlands, a large number of volunteers work under a small team of full-time employees, the management and the board. In the developing countries more than twelve hundred volunteer contact people work together with the Liliane Foundation. These people, the so-called mediators", from the direct line to the children.

The Liliane Foundation was established in 1980 by Mrs. Liliane (Lieke) Brekelmans-Gronert. Togther with her husband ignaas, they worked to their untmost in helping a young girl in Indonesia. Justifiably, that one child was very important to them.They wanted her to know that she belonged, that she could be seen. This first contact was the start for a growing number of applications for help, for children who really had no hope for help. Over the years the Lililane Foundation has been able to develop and grow. In the Netherlands, the group of financially supporting people keeps growing. In thedeveloping countries, the number of reliable contact people keeps increasing. Now theLiliane Foundation is reaching to help thousands of children yearly, on a personalized,small-scale and direct way.

The Liliane Foundation is hoping help more children in an efficient manner and it strives for a steady growth. To celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the Liliane Foundation, we have collected for this publication, reports on the history, background, aim and working method of our foundation.With pleasure we invite you to acquaint yourself with the work of the Liliane Foundation.

Vlijmen, March 14,1995

Chairman and Board Members of the Liliane Foundation

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