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Greetings from Internacional Teatro Silencio Filipinas, INC

        It is with great pleasure that I would like to thank you very much for our request free website about our Internacional Teatro Silencio Filipinas, Inc. Congratulations on your wonderful website of your Deaf students in Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf Foundation, Inc.  of their abilities, skills and talents as a Deaf people.

“What I am God’s gift to me, what I can become is my gift back to God!”

        My inclination to theater started manifesting itself when I joined the “Little Sign Choir” in grade school of the Philippine Association of the Deaf, Inc. I acquire more advanced training in theater with the Deaf Theater Philippines and Repertory Philippines. My knowledge and appreciation of this art form became more rooted when I attended a workshop conducted by the National Theater of the Deaf in Connecticut, USA. I was with the Earth savers’ movement (ESM) and was sent there by Mrs. Cecile Alvarez to whom I owe a lot of what I am now. Because of their encouragement I visited many place in the United States and Europe. I even met the people when I cam to the Vatican. After several years, I decided to go on my own and founded Teatro Silencio Pilipinas (TSP).

ITSF has a humble beginning in
1991 as Teatro Silencio
1996 Teatro Silencio Filipinas
1999 Internacional Teatro Silencio Filipinas up to present.

 For now, I am as Deaf Professional Photographer of small business DRCB Photograph [ image creative pictures system]  and also as Chairman and Founder of ITSF to help and support to Deaf  community and our visions  of ITSF is to be a cultural  dance group believing in the potential of Deaf Filipino artists, encouraging us to rise above  our limitations and promote awareness of the Deaf Filipino Community  to the hearing majority through the performing arts. Our mission is to train aspiring Deaf Filipino artists to develop our full potentials in the performing arts and to inculcate in us the deep sense of responsibility and professionalism with a solid set of Christian values.

        I congratulate all of you for unselfishly sharing your talents to the rest of Deaf community and to the hearing world to appreciate our capabilities. Let us learn from our resilience and courage to excel in spite of functional limitations, especially at this stage of crisis experiencing in our country when we need drive, daring and stamina to move on towards even faster and more sustained growth. I wish all the success of this showcase and all of our future noble undertakings.

        We thank the hearing majority with fervent hope that you will and still continue supporting our Deaf Community by means of equal opportunity for the future with the values of self-discipline, hard-work and commitment.

 Thank you and God bless all of you!


Dennis Rhoneil C. Balan


Professional Photographer



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