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 Dennis Rhoneil C. Balan

 Dennis Rhoneil C. Balan ( Deaf Founder and Chairman


       The ITSF (Internacional Teatro Silencio Filipinas) has been the offshoot of theatrical experiences which Dennis Rhoneil C. Balan has acquired from grade school to high school until college wherein he under went acting workshops under Repertory Philippines. It was in college when he thought of forming a group of deaf dancers to prove that disability is not a hindrance to capability of a person as an artist. Thus, former TSP (Teatro Silencio Pilipinas) was formed under the mentorship of Ms. Barcenilla.

       Dennis was voted president and founder of the group which also upholds the principles of the Deaf Theatre Philippines in the field of arts. Their performing experiences extended from their early days with the Little Sign Choir of the Philippines Association of the Deaf and later with the Deaf Theater Philippines.







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