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Sources of Funds

Major sources of funds of the Foundation come from proceesds of fund raising activites as well as donations and gifts, from benefactors and sponsors both local and aborad.

On February 14, 1986, it conducted a benefit raffle, 10,000 booklets were printed. Each booklet contained 22 tickets at P10.00 each. Major prizes were donated and after eight months of preparation including marketing of tickets, the Foundation was able to earn a substantial amount.

On March 15, 1987, it presented a musical concert at the Folk Arts Theater. The line producation of the concert was done by a private group on a package deal while the tickets, publicity and promotion, venue and other adiministrative matters. The Foundation was able to realize a good precentage of its goal.

In 1989 the Foundation in cooperation with Tahanang Walang Hagdanan jointly conducted another benefit raffle. The Foundation shared a minimal amount from the net proceeds of that raffle.

At present, the Foundation is continually campaigning for sustaining membership from individuals and corporations to support specific programs that the donor will specify. Individual sustaining members give an annual fee of P500.00 while corporate members give P5,000 annually.

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