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Structure and Founction

The House With No Steps Foundation has at least three hierarchical in terms of decision-making.

Level 1:

This level comprise the Board of Trustees with the Chairman and set of officers. The Board has a membership of eleven (11). It founctions as a policy making body presided by its Chairman or the President in case the fromer is absent or indispose.It also perform the function of planning and staffing, The officers are composed of the President, Vice-president, Treasurer, Secretary, and its Executive Director. The officers and members of the Board are elected annually from among themselves.

1. The Chairman calls for a meeting. regular and special and presides over the meeting.

2. The President may call for a meeting and presides in case the chairman is absent or indispose.

3. The Vice-President assists the president. It takes over the founction in case the former is absent or indispose.

4. The Treasurer keeps the financial records and monitors the cash flow and prepares perodic financial report.

5. The Secretary keeps records,prepares minutes and agenda of Board meetings, attests to the correctioness of records and co-signs with the president, or chairman in all documents issued or released by the organization.

6. Executive Director assists the president in the implementation of the policies. It also helps to direct and supervis the day to day operation of the foundation.

Attached to the Board of Trustees are the corporate secretary and consultants.

The Corporate Secretary may or may not be a member of the Board. Its founction is the same as that of the secretary. It assists the Boarc in corporate planning and represent the Board with various government and non-government agencis regarding corporate matters affecting the Foundation.

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