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About Us

Web Accessibility Designs Philippines is an offshoot of initiatives done by Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf Foundation, Inc. to promote Web Accessibility. Although it started in 2003 during the Interregional Workshop held at Manila, Philippines, web accessibility only gained mileage from the regional workshops sponsored by the National Council for the Welfare of Disabled Persons, National Computer Center - Commission on Information and Communication Technology and Vision Office Limited.

The MCCID webmasters' Jojo I. Esposa Jr. and Ervin R. Reyes (deaf) attended the first workshop held at Tagaytay City, Cavite in 2004. Aware about the needs of web accessibility and international web standards initiative, they both renovated the school's website and applied what they learned during the workshops.

Jojo and Ervin were both web designers and trainors for the deaf since 1997. Ervin even won the bronze medal in Web Page Design Category during the 6th International Abilympics Skills Competition held at New Delhi, India in 2003. Jojo was his coach and sign language interpreter. They are also skilled in designing Flash animated websites, Photoshop, video-graphics and ASP. Ervin supervised in the designing of free websites linked here while Jojo acted as their adviser.

Through the sponsorship of MCCID, they both attended series of workshops held in many parts of the country.

It is hoped that through these humble projects, Web Accessibility will gain enough foothold in the Philippines' web landscape.