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High School Life, High School Night (Feb. 17, 2006)

by Jemima Ming Go

Most people look back at their high school life and reminisce fond memories of graduation, of friends, school fair, field trips, the time we were bullied by classmates, or praised by teachers, the time we failed an exam, or received an award, but above all, we reminisce of the time we had that enchanted evening called Prom Night. We fondly remember how, days before the much-acticipated event, we fussed about what dress or suit to wear; thrilled with the idea of being asked on a date or having to ask someone on a date. This, for us, is one of the highlights of our high school life, our high school night.

Glamour and glitter is how I would describe that night of February 17, 2006 at Loyola Grandvillas Clubhouse in Katipunan, Quezon City. At about 7:00 P.M., my schoolmates started arriving, wearing their most glamorous outfits. Together with our partners, one would think we were attending the Oscar's or partying at Hollywood instead of Quezon City.

High School Life, High School Night pictures

I was really impressed (I'm sure all of us were) by how different the atmosphere was and how elegant everybody looked, even our teachers!

The night would not be complete without the traditional turn-over of the Key of Responsibility to our successors, the juniors.As the lights
dimmed and candles flickered, each of us, seniors, handed over the responsibility to our successors-upholding the vision and mission of
our school, while they, in turn, thanked and honored us with their leis.

To cap the night's events, all of us danced the traditional cotillion de honor. We bumped into each other, missed a step or two, but as a whole, we did a marvelous job of it. Our thanks to Mr. Docor, who patiently taught us the intricacies of the dance steps.

It was truly such a lovely evening, that we could not help but endlessly pose for the cameras, unceasingly take pictures of us with our dates, barkadas, classmates, and teachers; an attempt to capture the magic of the moment.

And so, years from now, I am certain that we would have that night of February 17 still fresh in our minds.

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