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V16. Floral Arrangement
Creating an arrangement for given purpose. Contestants will be able to choose flowers, plants and/or accessories.

 Floral Arrangement photo

V17. Furniture Making - Advanced Course
Fabricating wooden parts according to a given drawing and specifications, and assembling them a piece of furniture as shown in the drawing.

V18. Furniture Making - Basic Course
Fabricating a basic wooden box according to a given drawing and specifications, using provided materials.

V19. Jewelry Making
Using provided material (sterling silver) to fabricate a hand-made piece of jewelry according to a sample and drawing.

V20. Mechanical Assembly
Using supplied components to assemble a bicycle according to given instructions and/or drawings and making adjustments.

V21. PC Assembly
Assembling a personal desktop computer according to specifications using provided components to make it run on the installed Windows XP.

V22. Photography
Using provided films, to take photos of people, nature, buildings, etc. on a given theme.

Photography photo

23. Poster Design
Designing a poster in color on a given theme.

V24. Precision Sheet Metal Work
Fabricating 2 parts using steel sheets (SPCC: mild steel sheet, 1.2mm thick) and assembling them according to a provided drawing and specifications.

V25. Tailoring
Using provided materials to fabricate a man's outfit with linings, according to given instructions.

Tailoring photo

V26. Wood Carving
Making a wood carving according to a given design from a provided flat wooden plate.

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