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V1. Artificial Limb Making
Producing a socket for the artificial lower limb according to given specifications.

Artifical Limb Making

V2. Basket Making
Fabricating a basket in a stipulated size and shape, using hard-weave materials such as cane and bamboo.

V3. CAD - Architecture
Using the CAD system to draw a ground plan from an architectural sketch.

V4. CAD - Machinery
Picking out specified parts from machinery drawings in third angle projection, and redrawing the parts using the CAD system.

V5. Computer Programming
Writing a program to operate a commercially produced general-purpose robot arm.  Requested operation will include making a robot write specified graphics and  drawings. Software to be used is Visual C++ or Visual Basic.

V6. Creating Web Pages
Creating a web page for a shop where virtual shopping is available.

V7. Data Processing - Advanced Course
Making tables, inserting data, picking out, rewriting and deleting specified data, designing a display screen and inputting data, printing reports, analyzing data, making selection menu screens, etc. The software to be used will be Microsoft Access and Excel.

V8. Data Processing - Basic Course
Inputting a series of data, e.g. figures on sales slips, a list of addresses, etc. by using  Microsoft Excel. Necessary screen reader software will be prepared upon request.

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